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Mr. Moiz Mamoowala

Founder & Creative Director

This is a secret of my success, if you ever design for love you would know what is creativity. Each time I designed a creative, I could find myself falling in love with Shumi all over again. It was worth the wait, but if the wait is over and you still have accomplished without caging a bird (Sparrow) it’s a big conquest. Spooning was the only way I could grasp design and computer graphics from other designers. Sketching and painting was a hobby in School & College. A few of them were given as gifts Mr. Josy Paul (Chairman, RK Swamy BBDO) – Envelope design for David – Cartoons of Josy & Subbu – Sketch of Josy. I quite remember meeting a Law Graduate from Havard, but he could not defeat me as I am a honey pot too. 

It was my reverie to be at Stanford. But life wasn’t categorically gentle to have this vision proficient. I mostly thank the NGO where we met to have found the babyhood associates who were investigators on a secret undertaking. 

ms. shumi bose

Inspiration & Backbone

The word "Shumi" means Hobby in Japanese, in Hindi it means a Lady, Ashur-nadin-shumi (d.694 BC) was the son of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, and an ancient King of Babylon (Modern Day Iraq), "Shumi Maritsa" (Bulgarian: Шуми Марица [ʃoˈmi mɐˈritsɐ]) was the Bulgarian national anthem from 1886 until 1944. Behind every successful man there is a women and behind every unsuccessful there are two. Mrs. Apala Bhattacharya Dastur with whom this idea had begun to make it a little worthy of thinking. Ms. Shumi Bose who broke my soul but was burning inside me as an enchantment, I thank her for having been with me for every step of my life. I think this has been a most beautiful relation I had of being isolated to have learnt that life is to be alone. Though she has had a very successful life in the diaspora of art and architecture. Ms. Shumi Bose is a lecturer, curator, writer and designer, apart from which she steals hearts. Beware of this honey pot…

She currently teaches the world about Architecture. 

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